Boat Houses, Fedje, NO

Boat Houses, Fedje, NO

Fedje is a small island in the North Sea, located north of Bergen, where there are small fishermen's settlements.

The aim of this project was to create rental houses for tourists coming to Norway for fishing. The project involves a set of four houses placed as close to the water as possible, with a beautiful view of the ocean and direct access to water.

Buildings are located on concrete piles directly mounted in the shore rocks, so that the tides and possible larger waves do not give the building its purpose. As a result, it was possible to place buildings as close to the water as possible, where tourists have a direct access to the boat and can fish practically from their own terrace.

The shape of the buildings results from the possible large opening of the interior to the ocean view. The façade on the water side is completely glazed, allowing you to enjoy the view throughout the day: from waking up in bed, to evening dining in the dining room.

Each of the houses has an area of 82 sq m, divided into two floors. On the ground floor there is a large living room with kitchen and dining room with direct access to a large terrace, where there is a grill built in the wall - where you can bring freshly caught fish directly from the boat. The first floor contains toilet and three bedrooms for six people all with breathtaking view to ocean.


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